Yan Liu

Principal Investigator
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  • E-mail:  yan_liu@asu.edu

As a Principal Investigator Assistant Professor Yan Liu mainly contributes to the research on Subtask 2 and Subtask 5. Her efforts are focused towards rational designing of the DNA nanostructures as the framework to assemble short peptide elements into a 3- dimensional spatial configurations that allow the functional assembly of a water oxidation complex that mimics the OEC in natural photosystem II (PSII). This is in collaboration with Dr. Hao Yan and Dr. Petra Fromme. Her contribution to Subtask 2 is in designing the DNA nanostructures, overseeing DNA synthesis and purification, DNA-peptide conjugation, and structural characterization and optimization. Her contribution to Subtask 5 is in collaboration with Dr. Don Seo to integrate the DNA structures with the mesoporous electrode by attaching gold nanoparticles to the DNA structures for enhanced charge transfer from the artificial water oxidation complex to the electrode. Her contributions include designing the labeling site, construction of the gold labeled nanostructures and characterizing their incorporation into the porous materials provided by Dr. Seo.

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