Thomas Moore

Principal Investigator
Subtask 1 Leader
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Regents' Professor Thomas Moore contributes to the EFRC as Subtask 1 Leader and the member of the EFRC Executive Committee. As a Principal Investigator  he is involved in research on Subtask 1, Subtask 2 and Subtask 4.

Managing Subtask 1 has included setting up a collaboration with Drs. Nozik and Hanna at NREL to do simulations, keeping abreast of progress by meeting with the students and a postdoctoral fellow working on Subtask 1, reviewing budget and expenditures and communicating the progress in Subtask 1 to the Center Director and other Center participants. As progress reveals new information, and with the counsel of Dr. Gust and relevant Subtask Leaders and contributors, Dr. Moore may realign short term tasks to better achieve project goals. Subtask 1 group meetings are held at lease once per month and one-on-one-meeting with personnel are held weekly. Budget and expenditures are reviewed with the Program Manager. Dr. Moore contributes to the scientific mission of the EFRC in Subtasks 1, 2 and 4. Additionally, because Subtask 1 involves integration and systems analysis of the four basic components making up the project, Dr. Moore’s contribution requires him to maintain an overview of progress in each subtask in order to coordinate and prepare for the interfaces that must be made upon assembly of the components into a functioning research platform. Subtask 1 therefore extends Dr. Moore’s research contribution to include keeping abreast of findings reported in the scientific literature and at conferences that affect the progress and direction of multiple aspects of the research.


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