The Research Team

Director: Professor Devens Gust

Program Manager: Alexander Melkozernov

Faculty research teams:

  Artificial Oxygen Evolving Complex for Water Oxidation
    Professor James Allen – team leader
    Professor Petra Fromme
    Professor Giovanna Ghirlanda
    Professor Yan Liu
    Professor Kevin Redding
    Professor Hao Yan

 Fuel Production Complex
    Professor Giovanna Ghirlanda – team leader
    Professor Anne Jones
    Professor Kevin Redding

 Artificial Photosynthetic Reaction Center – Antenna Complex
    Professor Ana Moore – team leader
    Professor Devens Gust
    Professor Thomas A. Moore

 Nanostructured Transparent Electrodes
    Professor Dong-Kyun “Don” Seo – team leader

 Total Systems Analysis, Assembly and Testing
    Professor Thomas A. Moore – team leader
    Professor Anne Jones
    Professor Kevin Redding
    Professor Dong-Kyun Seo

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