Redox Active Catalysts Utilizing Earth Abundant Metals

14 Mar 2014

Ryan Trovitch has recently joined the team of the BISfuel PIs. He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arizona State University. Focus of his research group is design of homogeneous catalysts that can be used in a wide range of energy- and sustainability-focused initiatives. “My group is working to develop redox-active ligand supported catalysts that utilize earth abundant, inexpensive and nontoxic metals such as manganese and iron. I believe that the Center has helped to jump started my career in several different ways. ...Working with the Center has been an effective way to get to know each of the principal investigators who are currently working on the project. Because we often meet as a group to discuss Center related research, I have become very familiar with the work that each principal investigator is conducting. Being a part of this Center has also helped me to forge collaborations with other research groups to determine the efficiency of iron-based proton reduction catalysts and to examine the electronic structures of redox-active ligand supported manganese precatalysts. Going forward I plan to work with the Center to develop transition metal catalysts that are capable of converting carbon dioxide into value-added fuels. I find this area of research to be fascinating since carbon dioxide is an overabundant and renewable feedstock that can serve as the backbone for a new generation of carbon-based fuels.”

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