Petra Fromme

Principal Investigator
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Professor Petra Fromme contributes to the EFRC research with a focus on the development of an artificial oxygen evolving complex (Subtask 2). Dr. Fromme's group works in close collaboration with the groups of Dr. Yan, Dr. Liu, Dr. Allen and Dr. Ghirlanda on aspects of this subtask. The major goal is to build an artificial peptide based oxygen evolving complex in the stable environment of DNA nanocages. These DNA nanocages will provide the ideal 3 dimensional framework for the assembly of the artificial oxygen evolving complex. The work during the first 6 month of the project has focused on the design of the DNA nanocages, the reconstitution of the cages, the isolation and crystallization of the DNA nanocages, the design of the functionalization of the DNA nanocages and the development of the optimal strategies for the chemical or conformational coupling of the peptides from the oxygen evolving complex to the DNA nanocages as well as the synthesis of the first peptides that mimic the oxygen evolving complex in Photosystem II. This subtask also investigates integration of the artificial oxygen evolving complex (aOEC) in the complete bioinspired solar conversion system. This work will include the coupling of the functionalized DNA nanocages to the electrodes, and (in collaboration with the group of Dr. Seo) the coupling of the artificial oxygen evolving complex to the semiconductor structures that may provide the interface between the aOEC and the artificial reaction center, which is developed by the groups of T. and A. Moore and D. Gust.

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