My Success Is a Success For the Whole Team

14 Feb 2014

Jaro Arero is a graduate student in the Gust Lab. He is an organic chemist working on synthesis of a variety of compounds absorbing light in the red region of the electromagnetic spectrum and feeding electrons for proton reduction catalysts. “I get to know more about science from the multidisciplinary dimension. That broadens my understanding and my view how to solve energy problems, how to capture solar energy and use it in different prospective. If I am making a small part of a bigger molecule my success will be a success for the whole team. A bigger picture for a bigger group that is what drives us. I always wanted to have more skills how to harness sunlight to provide energy to those places where people do not have access to energy, particularly in Africa. That’s why I am at ASU”

Center for Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production 
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