Kevin Redding

Associate Director of the Center
Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Kevin Redding contributes to the EFRC in the area of management as an Associate Director of the Center. As a Principal Investigator of the Center he is primarily focussed on the area of EPR analysis of the H2-producing and H2O-oxidation catalysts. In addition, we plan to use EPR analysis to study the structures of the DNA-caged peptide assemblies on the way to construction of the final H2O oxidation systems. We will do this on spin-labeled version of the DNA-peptide assemblies, and use pulsed electron-electron double resonance to measure distances and dynamics. At this time, we do not yet have the final forms of the catalysts, of course, so we have spent the time developing our EPR capabilities and optimizing the techniques. Dr. Redding also serves as Director of the EPR Facility, which is managed by Dr. Marco Flores, a professional EPR spectroscopist.

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