James Allen

Principal Investigator
Subtask 2 Leader
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Professor James Allen is a member of the Executive Committee and is the leader of Subtask 2 (Artificial water oxidation complex). His major management function as the subtask leader is the coordination of the activities of Subtask 2. This includes the coordination of the research activities of this subtask, the discussion of decisions concerning finances and personnel of the subtask with the Program Manager and the Director of the Center. The work also includes the coordination of the scientific report for Subtask 2.

In the EFRC Dr. Allen directs research in the areas of the development of an artificial oxygen evolving complex for water oxidation. The goal of this subtask is to create peptides that can form organized structures, such as four helical bundles, and bind catalytic metals. Such a complex would be soluble in water and not require any detergents or lipids as is required for the oxygen evolving complex. In our initial work during the first 6 months of the project, we have synthesized different peptide designs and developed protocols to investigate their metal binding ability using a variety of spectroscopic techniques.

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