Hao Yan

Principal Investigator
  • Phone:  480-727-8570
  • Fax:       480-965-2747
  • E-mail:  hao.yan@asu.edu

Professor Hao Yan is involved in the research of Subtask 2, the development of artificial oxygen evolving complex. The efforts are channeled towards use of DNA based three-dimensional molecular cage structures  that are designed and constructed to spatially organize peptides to mimic structures existing in photosynthesis proteins. The lab is testing and optimizing metallic particle functionalized DNA cage structures that can efficiently go into transparent nanoporous materials developed by Dr. Don Seo in the Center. Work during the first 6 months of the project has involved the crystallization of the DNA cage and efforts to solve atomic structures using X-ray diffraction. We have obtained interesting and promising results to test size-dependent penetration of the DNA cages into the nanoporous materials.

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