Giovanna Ghirlanda

Principal Investigator
Subtask 3 Leader

Associate Professor Giovanna Ghirlanda serves as a Subtask Leader of Subtask 3- Fuel Production and as a member of Subtask 2 - Water Splitting. Major research efforts are centered on Subtask 3 with a focus on utilizing reducing electrons generated at the water splitting center to reduce protons to molecular hydrogen. The Ghirlanda group has designed, synthesized, and characterized a novel peptide that binds iron-sulfur clusters. The protein will be used as part of the redox chain delivering electrons to the active site of artificial hydrogenases. In collaboration with Prof. Jones, Prof. Ghirlanda is also designing and synthesizing artificial amino acids that coordinate organometallic complexes as mimics of Fe-Fe hydrogenases.

Within Subtask 2 (Water splitting catalysts), Dr. Ghirlanda serves mainly as expert in the synthesis of peptides and peptide-DNA conjugates. In collaboration with the Hao-Liu-Fromme groups, we have made several peptides modeled after the natural water oxidation complex that will be inserted in tetrahedral DNA cages. In addition, in collaboration with Prof. Allen we have synthesized and characterized a novel peptide capable of binding two manganese atoms.

In addition, Dr. Ghirlanda coordinated the purchase and installation of several instruments, which are now located in a common location.



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