EFRC Retreats

2012 Retreat at Camp Tontozona

On a weekend of September 28-30, 2012, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers of the BISFuel Center have gathered at Camp Tontotozona for an annual EFRC retreat. A picturesque location on the slopes of the Mogollon Rim, cool weather, relaxed atmosphere of the brainstorming scientific sessions and plenty of time for sport activities, hiking, boating and campfire have made this retreat a success.

Scientific sessions on Sep 29 and Sep 30, 2012

Preparation for the brainstorming session in Dining Hall of Camp Tontozona. Projections on two screens were intended to fix attention of brainstormers on ongoing research and the critical points of the research.

Forty five researchers from BISFuel Center has gathered at Camp Tontozona to update the team on progress of the research, to pinpoint critical points and find collaborative solutions.

Subtask 1 leader Thomas Moore summarizes critical points in the design of tandem fuel cell for a brainstorming at the beginning of the morning session on September 29.

Brainstorming session on September 29th, 2012. The focus is on tuning the redox potentials of the artificial reaction centers coupled with water oxidation catalysts and hydrogen producing catalysts.

Don Seo explains how the semiconductor transparent electrodes produced in his lab accept electrons from the fuel cell catalysts.

Graduate student Ben Sherman from Subtask 4 discusses properties of the porphirin iridium oxide complexes that allow to couple efficient charge separation in artificial reaction center with water oxidation

Director of the Center Devens Gust and Subtask 1 leader Thomas Moore discuss the program of the scientific session.

Subtask 3 leader Giovanna Ghirlanda and Subtask 2 PI Hao Yan share details of their collaboration research.

Patrick Kwan (left, Subtask3), Lu Gan (Subtask 3) and Daniel Mieritz (Subtask 5)

Souvik Roy and Arnab Dutta are graduate students from Anne Jones' lab (Subtask 3).

Tien Olson and Raimund Fromme (Subtask 2)

Jaro Arero and Marely Tejeda are graduate students working in different labs but on Subtask 4.

Brian Watson (Subtask 4), a graduate student from Devens Gust's Lab, proposes new synthetic approaches in designing the tandem fuel cell

Evening session on Sep 29, 2012 has been centered on problems of Fuel production complex (Subtask 3)

During the evening session on October 29.

Subtask 3 leader Giovanna Ghirlanda opens an evening session on hydrogen production catalysts

Morning session on Sunday, September 30, 2012.

Subtask 2 leader Jim Allen updates on a progress in a collaborative development of water oxidation catalysts

Dong Wang (Subtask 2), a graduate student from Jim Allen's lab, presents his recent results on design of metal binding peptides for water oxidation

Tien Olson and Jim Allen discuss problems of metal binding to artificial peptides in their models of water oxidation catalysts

Petra Fromme (Subtask 2) presents progress of her lab in recent structure determination of natural and artificial complexes by femtosecond nanocrystallography

Anne Jones (Subtask 3) updates on her lab's progress in research of electrocatalytical properties of metalloorganic compounds that mimic natural hydrogenases.

Mingui Liu (Subtask 2)

Zhao Zhao (Subtask 2)

Palash Dutta (Subtask 2), a graduate student from Yan Liu's Lab.

Michael Vaughn (Subtask 1 and 2) updates on his progress in reversing plastoquinol terminal oxidases to produce hydrogen

Basu Shibom (Subtask 2)

Subbtask 5 leader Don Seo opens session on integration of water oxidation and fuel production catalysts into transparent metal oxide electrodes.

Daniel Mieritz (Subtask 5) discusses properties of new metal oxide electrodes

Busy traffic in Dining Hall

Camp Tontozona and surroundings

Happy campers. From left to right: Jaro Arero, Alex Volosin, Resa Vatan and Gerdenis Kodis

Brian throwing frisbee

Chelsea playing soccer ball.

Valleyball dream team.

Mopping the Dining Hall

Final touch

Woods Canyon Lake on Mogollon Rim. Taken by Dong Wang.

Camp Tontozona

Football field at Camp Tontozona

Waterfall at Tonto Creek

Elk at Woods Canyon Lake

Back to Phoenix

At campfire

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