EFRC Creative Potential: Thinking Out of the Box

31 Mar 2014

Professor Petra Fromme is one of the Bisfuel Principal Investigators. "...Real advantage of the Center is that we have so many creative people working on different aspects of the process, on the hydrogen production catalysts, water splitting catalysts, on developing artificial antennas and reaction centers ... Creative potential of different groups coming from different backgrounds..., the creative potential that the EFRC provides helps us to attract the best students and the best postdocs... The high interdisciplinary nature of the Center allows us to think out of the box, to combine methods that have never been combined and to combine materials that have never been combined. Without Energy Frontiers Research Centers this would have never been possible.” Petra Fromme's lab is working on unraveling the structure of the natural photosynthetic water splitting complexes by conventional X-ray crystallography and femtosecond X-ray nanocrystallography. “... We try to take the knowledge of the natural catalytic mechanisms to develop artificial water splitting, which will be more efficient, productive and essentially more stable..."

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