Don Seo

Principal Investigator
Subtask 5 Leader
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Professor Don Seo contributes to the EFRC management as a Member of the Executive Committee and a leader of Subtask 5 (Functional nanostructured transparent electrode materials). His research in the Center is focused on two areas: (1) synthetic development of nanoporous transparent conducting oxides and (2) fundamental analysis on the design and construction of the proposed photosynthetic systems.

With an emphasis on sustainability in materials synthesis, Seo’s group has developed two patent-pending synthetic methods that can be utilized to produce the target nanoporous materials. The project involves systematic optimization of the new methods for sol-gel chemistry of the metal precursors of the target materials. This has resulted  in nanoporous antimony-doped tin oxide materials that have average pore size over 10 nm and surface areas over 240 m2/cm3 based on BET and BJH data. By simple impregnation experiments, it was shown that the pore structure of the materials is favorable for the absorption of the DNA tetrahedral cages (edge length = ~8nm) that the Subtask  2 has produced. Seo’s subtask team is currently examining the homogeneity of the antimony doping through high-resolution TEM and EELS experiments and is working on functionalization of the pore surfaces with organic linker molecules for photosynthetic complexes. The team is also collaborating with the Subtask #3 to study the materials’ efficiency as a high surface electrode in the real electrochemical environment.

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