The goal for Subtask 4 "Artificial Antennas and Reaction Centers" is to develop bio-inspired antenna-reaction center complexes to efficiently  generate redox equivalents for powering catalysts.

This subtask includes research on artificial dye-sensitized antenna systems that collect light efficiently throughout the useable solar spectrum and transfer it to a second component, an artificial photosynthetic reaction center that uses excitation energy to initiate photoinduced electron transfer and generate an energetic long-lived charge separated state that will supply the redox energy necessary for water splitting. This unit will eventually incorporate photoprotective and photo-regulatory mechanisms to limit damage from excess solar light flux.

People working on Subtask 4

Yuichi Terazono
Faculty Research Associate
Thomas Moore
Principal Investigator
Subtask 1 Leader
Resa Vatan Meidanshahi
Graduate Student
Michael Vaughn
Graduate student
Michael Kenney
Undergraduate student
Kul Bhushan
Graduate student
Katie Wong
Graduate student
John Tomlin
Graduate student
Jesse Bergkamp
Graduate student
Jaro Arero
Graduate student
Jackson Megiatto
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ian Pahk
Graduate student
Gerdenis Kodis
Research Assistant Professor
Emily North
undergraduate student
Devens Gust
Director of the Center
Principal Investigator
Dalvin Mendez
Graduate student
Chelsea Brown
Graduate student
Brian Watson
Graduate student
Bradley Brennan
Graduate student
Ben Sherman
Graduate student
Antaeres' Antoniuk-Pablant
Graduate Student
Ana Moore
Principal Investigator
Subtask 4 Leader

Major projects of Subtask 4

  1. High potential reaction centers for water oxidation
  2. Low potential reaction centers for proton reduction
  3. Antenna systems for efficient light collection
  4. Photoprotection and photoregulation

Research news on Subtask 4

18 Feb 2014

by Jenny Green:      In a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry, ASU scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. Designing an artificial leaf that uses solar energy to convert water cheaply and efficiently into hydrogen and oxygen is one of the goals of BISfuel, the Energy Frontier Research Center, funded by the Department of Energy, in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Arizona State University.

1 Feb 2013

BISfuel© :    A team of Bisfuel researchers led by Devens Gust, Ana Moore and Tom Moore has designed and characterized an artificial photosynthetic reaction center inspired by natural Photosystem II and comprising a highly oxidizing porphyrin linked to a biomimetic electron transfer relay and a porphyrin electron acceptor. Two articles with the results of the study have appeared in September special issue of PNAS “Chemical Approaches to Artificial Photosynthesis: Solar Fuels Special Feature” 

24 Aug 2010

Devens Gust, Thomas Moore and Ana Moore are the authors of one of 10 Most-Accessed Articles from one of the Highest Impact Journals in Multidisciplinary Chemistry. Because sunlight is diffuse and intermittent, substantial use of solar energy to meet humanity's needs will probably require energy storage in dense, transportable media via chemical bonds. Practical, cost effective technologies for conversion of sunlight directly into useful fuels do not currently exist, and will require new basic science.

Recent papers on Subtask 4

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