Media about Center

1 Oct 2011

An article by Philip Ball in October Issue of Scientific American featuring comments by Professor Devens Gust, Director of the Center, on the status of the research in the field of artificial photosynthesis.

25 May 2011

A series of online video and presentations during Science for Our Nation's Energy Future Forum and Summit, May 25-27, 2011, Washington, DC

2 Mar 2011

Article about Ana Moore in ASU News.

1 Mar 2011

Article about Tom Moore at

18 Feb 2011

Article about Devens Gust in ASU News

17 Feb 2011

Featured profile by ASU Channel Eight of Professor Ana Moore highlighting her outstanding research and teaching with insight from colleagues and students

17 Feb 2011

Featured profile of Professor Devens Gust by ASU Channel Eight.

17 Feb 2011

Featured profile of Professor Thomas Moore by ASU Channel Eight.

18 Oct 2010

Online video of a talk given by Devens Gust at the Advanced Fuels Panel. By ASU Office of Public Affairs. The lecture discusses research challenges associated with a fuel production strategy based on bio-inspired artificial photosynthetic nanostructures.

26 Sep 2010

By Alex Ferri. Research of the Center on solar fuel cells featured in ASU State Press

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