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1 May 2013

BY TYLER JOSEPHSON and RALPH L. HOUSE, an article in May 2013 issue of the EFRC Newsletter: “Numerous experimental and computational techniques are used to design better catalysts, but in many cases, we were beaten long ago by nature, which has been refining catalysts for life-sustaining reactions for billions of years”. The article features research on BISfuel-led studies of an artificial enzyme designed using insight from natural enzymes found in hydrogen-producing bacteria.

27 Mar 2013

Biomimicry research applies organic wisdom to diverse challenges. An article by Christopher Vaughan in March 2013 issue of ASU Magazine featuring Devens Gust and the Center Research (page 37-43).

27 Mar 2013

Online nanotech portal 'Space daily' features DNA nanotechnology endeavors of Professor Hao Yan, one of the principal investigators of BISfuel. "The field of DNA nanotechnology utilizes nature's design rules and the chemical properties of DNA to self-assemble into an increasingly complex menagerie of molecules for biomedical and electronic applications...With their bio-inspired architectural works, the group continues to explore the geometrical and physical limits of building at the molecular level..."

11 Oct 2012

An article of Giovanna Ghirlanda and coworkers was featured on the cover of October 11, 2012, issue of Chemical Communications. The article published in this issue describes synthesis of a peptide-based hydrogenase mimic that is capable of photoinduced hydrogen production.

1 Oct 2012

Article about Bisfuel research in October 2012 issue of EFRC Newsletter centers on bio-inspired artificial photochemical system that can generate power to split water.

1 Aug 2012

Posting at the website of the Department of Energy, Office of Science. The chemistry of natural photosynthetic reaction centers, water oxidation proteins, and hydrogen - producing enzymes is being incorporated into nanoscale artificial constructs that oxidize water and make hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight.

16 Jul 2012

An article by Glenn Roberts Jr. about research of Petra Fromme at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

1 May 2012

Bisfuel page in the DOE EFRC brochure, online post focused on research achievements of the Center in 2009-2012

1 Jan 2012

Article about the Bisfuel research in January 2012 issue of EFRC Newsletter

1 Oct 2011

Hao Yan's research profile by Biodesign Institute, video illustrating advances of DNA nanotechnology searching for ways to assemble nanoscale structures with a variety of geometric shapes

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