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5 Jun 2014

by Jessica Marshall: June 6 issue of Nature Magazine in a News Feature article highlights research progress in a field of artificial photosynthesis and presents a broad spectrum of alternative approaches of turning photons into fuel. Devens Gust, Director of the Bisfuel Center comments: “The bottom line is that nobody really knows yet what's going to win out, what's going to be practical.”

30 Apr 2014

April 2014 Issue of the EFRC Newsletter features an article by Marina Faiella about Bisfuel Research. "Thanks to this study, it is clearer how the natural system works, and which are the essential features to reproduce in an artificial leaf to sustainably harness and store the solar energy that society is increasingly demanding".

28 Apr 2014

Bridgette A. Barry from Georgia Institute of Technology has reviewed recent paper by the BISfuel team in Nature Chemistry. “Biological solar energy conversion requires the coordinated and rapid movement of protons and electrons through complex proteins, called reaction centres. Now, an artificial and structurally simple reaction centre has been synthesized that mimics an important, photosynthetic charge relay”

15 Apr 2014

April 2014 Edition of PEPTALK, an online newsletter of Bachem Inc, features research lab of Giovanna Ghirlanda, one of the Principal Investigators of the BISfuel Center. The long-term goal of Dr. Ghirlanda’s lab is to develop artificial enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of sustainable fuels, using solar energy to power this process.

20 Mar 2014

By Kelcie Grega. ASU State Press has featured an article about recent advances in the BISfuel research. “We wanted to make a system which would take sunlight and make it fuel,” said Professor Devens Gust. “Since there isn’t any technologically useful system of that type in existence, we started to use for guidance natural technology which does the same thing.”

4 Mar 2014

By DiAngelea Millar. Technology recreating the processes of leaves could yield abundant renewable energy in the form of hydrogen fuel, according to a team of Arizona State University researchers. After the chemists finish developing chemical reactions for the artificial leaf, engineers will take on making it efficient and cheap to use.

18 Feb 2014

Science Daily has published an article in a Featured Research section citing materials provided by Arizona State University about research of the BISfuel Center's scientists who, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf.

18 Feb 2014, internet news portal providing the latest news on science, has posted an article in Materials Science section citing a research led by BISFuel scientists in collaboration with researchers from Argonne National Laboratories, which results has been published in a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry.

17 Feb 2014

ASU News features BISfuel research. Designing an artificial leaf that uses solar energy to convert water cheaply and efficiently into hydrogen and oxygen is one of the goals of BISfuel – the Energy Frontier Research Center, funded by the Department of Energy, in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Arizona State University.

16 Jul 2013

Official Bisfuel entry of the Ten Hundred and One Word Challenge Competition of cartoons explaining in 1001 most commonly used words the mission of the Center and DOE. By Anne Jones

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