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24 Jan 2014

The Solar Fuel Institute has funded a collaborative project between the group of Vincent Artero (CEA, Grenoble, France) and the BISfuel Center. Graduate student from Artero Lab Nicolas Kaeffer has been visiting the Gust Lab to work on application of H2-evolving cathodes designed in Artero group to photoanodes developed at BISFuel.

12 Apr 2013

Bisfuel Graduate students Ben Sherman, Marely Tejeda and Shibom Basu became winners of the Distinguished Poster Awards at the 2013 Arizona Student Energy Conference held on April 11 & 12, 2013, in University of Arizona. Congratulations!

9 Apr 2013

Professor Devens Gust, Director of the Center for Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production, presented a lecture for high school students titled "Towards Artificial Photosynthesis and Alternative Energy". The lecture highlights modern approaches to development of alternative sources of energy with focus on using inexhaustible solar energy through design of systems for bio-inspired solar fuel production. High school students, members of the AZ Science Circle Seminar, were introduced to a top-notch research of the Center and were able to ask questions during and after the lecture.

4 Apr 2013

Dr. Marina Faiella, a postdoctoral researcher from the laboratory of Giovanna Ghirlanda has been awarded 2013 UNESCO-L’Oréal International Fellowship. Marina's project at Bisfuel Center is focused on creating artificial proteins that could be used to produce hydrogen. The award is being granted to young women whose promising research projects have a potential impact on human well-being and the environment.

23 Nov 2012

Professor Ana Moore was awarded a special prize of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina for international cooperation in science. This is recognition of her work through the years participating with Argentine colleagues to move Argentine and USA chemical science forward.

12 Aug 2012

Bisfuel Center has become a founding member of the Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI), a Global Research Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis uniting universities, government labs, and industry around the world with the goal of developing and commercializing a liquid solar fuel within 10 years.

18 May 2012

Energy research at Arizona State University was the focus of a visit by U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu on May 15th. Director of our Center, Dr. Devens Gust, who was among the participants of the briefing, has updated Secretary Chu on the progress of the research in the Center.

20 Apr 2012

All best poster presentations awards at ASU/UofA Student Conference on Renewable Energy Science, Arizona State University, April 19-20, 2012, went to EFRC graduate students: Ben Sherman, Chris Madden and Antaeres Antoniuk-Pablant.

11 Apr 2012

ASU Senior Michael Kenney from Devens Gust lab has been awarded 2012 Alumni Award for Best Graduate in the Natural Sciences and the CLAS Medal, a prestigious college award for outstanding academic achievements. Mr. Kenney has also been awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship to continue his education.

10 Apr 2012

Six of the eight Department of Chemistry awards for graduate research for 2012 went to EFRC associated graduate students: Anindya Roy (Giovanna Ghirlanda Lab), Chelsea McIntosh (Anne Jones Lab), Bradley Brennan (Devens Gust Lab), Kim Rendek (Petra Fromme Lab), Ben Sherman (Tom Moore Lab) and Alex Volosin (Don Seo Lab)

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