Biographical sketch - Yan Liu

a. Professional Preparation
Shandong University, Jinan, P.R. China; Chemistry; B.S. 1993
Columbia University, New York, NY; Chemistry; Ph.D. 2000
Rockefeller University, New York, NY; Photobiology; Post-doc, 2000-2001
Duke University, Durham, NC; Chemistry; Post-doc, 2001-2004
b. Area of Specialization: Physical Chemistry, DNA Engineering
c. Appointments
Aug. 2007 -: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Biodesign
Institute, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Aug. 2004-Aug. 2007: Assistant Research Professor, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State
University, Tempe, AZ
d. Ten Recent Publications
1. Z. Deng*, H. Yan, Y. Liu*, Band Gap Engineering of Quaternary Alloyed ZnCdSSe
Quantum Dots via a Facile Phosphine-Free Colloidal Method, J. Am. Chem. Soc. ASAP Nov
23 (2009).
2. J. Sharma, R. Chhabra, C. S. Andersen, K. V. Gothelf, H. Yan and Y. Liu*, Towards Reliable
Gold Nanoparticles Patterning in Self-assembled DNA nanoscaffold. J. Am. Chem. Soc.
7820–7821, 2008.
3. J. Sharma, R. Chhabra, A. Cheng, J. Brownell, Y. Liu,* H. Yan*. Engineering Complex 3D
Nanoparticle Architectures Through DNA Mediated Self-assembly. Science, 323 112-116,
4. J. Sharma, R. Chhabra, Y. Liu, Y. Ke, H. Yan, DNA templated self-assembly of twodimensional
and periodical gold nanoparticle arrays, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 45, 730-735
5. J. Sharma, Y. Ke, C. Lin, R. Chhabra, Q. Wang, J. Nangreave, Y. Liu*, H. Yan*, DNA Tile
Directed Self-assembly of Quantum Dots into Two-dimensional Nanopatterns, Angew.
Chem. Int. Ed. 47, 5157-5159, 2008.
6. Y. Ke, S. Lindsay, Y. Chang, Y. Liu and H. Yan*, Self-assembled Water-soluble Nanoarrays
for Label Free RNA Hybridization Assays. Science, 319, 180-183, 2008.
7. Y. Liu, C.X. Lin, H. Li, H. Yan, Aptamer directed Self-assembly of Proteins on a DNA
Nanostructure, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 44, 4333 (2005).
8. Q. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Ke, and H. Yan*, Quantum Dot Bioconjugation during Core-Shell
Synthesis. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 47, 316-319, 2008.
9. Zhang, J. P.; Liu, Y.; Ke, Y. G.; Yan, H., Periodic square-like gold nanoparticle arrays
templated by self-assembled 2D DNA nanogrids on a surface. Nano Lett. 6, 248-251 (2006).
10. S. Pal, J. Sharma, H. Yan, Y. Liu*, Stable Silver Nanoparticle-DNA Conjugates for Directed
Self-assembly of Core-Satellite Silver-Gold Nanoclusters, Chem. Commun. 6059-6061,
e. Synergistic Activities
Liu was trained as an experimental physical chemist with extensive experiences in laser
spectroscopy, surface chemistry, and photochemistry & photobiology. In the recent years, she
has worked on many projects using DNA as building material for self-assembly of different
patterned nanostructures, studying their formation mechanisms and exploring the applications of
the DNA nanostructures as scaffolds for directed assembly of proteins and nanoparticles in
biosensing. This collaboration has produced more than 50 publications in highly prestigious
journals, such as Science, Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS, JACS, Angew. Chem., Nano Lett.
She has actively involved in Graduate and undergraduate students training. Liu’s research
interests are aimed at the construction of nanoparticle based multi-component multi-functional
nanostructures for biosensing and imaging. She has also been actively involved in new
technology development, with 6 patent applications.

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