Biographical sketch - Petra Fromme

a.       Professional Preparation

  • Free University Berlin Biochemistry B. S. 1983
  • Free University Berlin Biochemistry M.S. (Diploma) 1985
  • Technical University Berlin Chemistry Ph. D. (Dr. rer. nat.) 1988
  • Technical University Berlin Physical Chemistry Habilitation 1998

b.      Area of Specialization: Biophysics and Biochemistry of Membrane Proteins, photosynthetic membrane protein complexes

c.       Appointments

  • Member of the graduate faculty at the Plant Biology Program, Arizona State University, 2008-present
  • Affiliate faculty member, Department of Physics, Arizona State University, 2007-present
  • Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arizona State University, 2002-present
  • Associate Professor, (C2) Max Volmer Institute, Chemistry Department, Technical University, Berlin, 1999-02
  • Assistant Professor, (C1) Max Volmer Institute, Chemistry Department, Technical University, Berlin, 1993-99
  • Teaching and Research Assistant, Max Volmer Institute, Chemistry Department, Technical University, Berlin, 1985-93

d.      Professional Recognition

  • 1989 Joachim-Tiburtius-Award
  • 2001 Lemberg Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science
  • 2001 Robin Hill Award of the International Photosynthesis Society
  • 2001 Biologie Award of the Academy of Science of Göttingen
  • 2009 Visiting travel fellowship University of Sydney

e.       Ten Recent Publications

  1. "Structure-factor analysis of femtosecond microdiffraction patterns from protein nanocrystals"  Kirian RA, White TA, Holton JM, Chapman HN, Fromme P, Barty A, Lomb L, Aquila A, Maia FR, Martin AV, Fromme R, Wang X, Hunter MS, Schmidt KE, Spence JHC (2011) Acta Crystallogr A 67, 131-140.
  2. "Femtosecond X-ray protein nanocrystallography" Chapman HN, Fromme P, Barty A, White T, Kirian R, Aquila A, Hunter M, Schulz J, DePonte D, Weierstall U, Doak R, Maia F, Martin A, Schlichting I, Lomb L, Coppola N, Shoeman R, Epp S, Hartmann R, Rolles D, Rudenko A, Foucar L, Kimmel N, Weidenspointner G, Holl P, Liang M, Barthelmess M, Caleman C, Boutet S, Bogan M, Krzywinski J, Bostedt C, Bajt S, Gumprecht L, Rudek B, Erk B, Schmidt C, Hömke A, Reich C, Pietschner D, Strüder l, Hauser G, Gorke H, Ullrich J, Herrmann S, Schaller G, Schopper F, Soltau H, Kühnel K-U, Messerschmidt M, Bozek J, Hau-Riege S, Frank M, Hampton C, Sierra R, Starodub D, Williams G, Hajdu J, Timneanu N, Seibert M, Andreasson J, Rocker A, Jönsson O, Stern S, Nass K, Andritschke R, Schröter C-D, Krasniqi F, Bott M, Schmidt K, Wang X, Grotjohann I, Holton J, Marchesini S, Schorb S, Rupp D, Adolph M, Gorkhover T, Svenda M, Hirsemann H, Potdevin G, Graafsma H, Nilsson B, Spence JHC (2011)   Nature 470, 73-77
  3. “X-ray diffraction from protein nanocrystals” Hunter M. S., Kirian, R., Shapiro, D., Deponte, D., Marchesini, S., Wang, X., Starodub, D., Weierstall, U., Doak, R.B., Spence, J.C.H., and Fromme, P.  (2011)  Biophys J. 100, 198-206
  4. "Efficient light harvesting in a dark, hot, acidic environment: The structure and function of PSI-LHCI from Galdieria sulphuraria" Thangaraj,B. , Jolley, CC, Sarrou, I, Bultema, JB, Greyslak, J., Whitelegge, JP., Lin,S. Kouřil, R., Subramanyam,R. Boekema, EJ and Fromme, P. (2011) Biophys J.100, 135-143
  5. "A Novel Photosynthetic Strategy for Adaptation to Low-Iron Aquatic Environments" Chauhan D, Folea IM, Jolley CC, Kouril R, Lubner CE, Lin S, Kolber D, Wolfe-Simon F, Golbeck JH, Boekema EJ, Fromme P (2011) Biochemistry 50, 686-692
  6. "Femtosecond protein nanocrystallogaphy - data analysis methods" Kirian, R. Wang, X., Weierstall, U. Schmidt, K., Spence, J., Hunter, M., Fromme, P., Chapman, H.N., White, T. and Holton, J. (2010) Optics Express, 18, 5713-5723
  7. "Structural and functional changes of PSI-LHCI supercomplexes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells grown under high salt conditions" Subramanyam, R., Jolley, C. Thangaraj, B. Nellaepalli, S. Webber, A.N. and Fromme, P. (2010) Planta, 231, 913-922
  8. "How to approach the problem of crystallising membrane proteins." Gabrielsen, M., Gardiner, AT, Fromme, P. and Cogdell, RJ (2009) in: Protein Crystallization (L DeLukas ed), Current Topics in Membranes (D. Benos, series editor), Academic Press, Elsevier, Burlington, MA pp 128-146 ISBN 978-0-12-374987-1
  9. "Crystallization of Photosynthetic Membrane Proteins", Grotjohann, I. and P. Fromme (2009) in: Protein Crystallization (L. DeLukas ed), Current Topics in Membranes (D. Benos, series editor), Academic Press, Elsevier, Burlington, MA 192-224 ISBN 978-0-12-374987-1
  10. "Photosynthetic protein complexes" Fromme, P. (ed) (2008), Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim, 360 pages ISBN978-3-527-31730-1

f.       Service to the Profession

1.      Service Journals/professional organizations/ study sections/ advisory board member

  • 2001- Member of Faculty of 1000
  • 2004- Member of the Biophysical Society, since 2007 Member of the executive committee of the Bioenergetics subgroup
  • 2004- Member of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research
  • 2005- Member of the American Chemical Society
  • 2006- Member of the Advisory board of the Centre for Membrane Pumps in Cells and Disease (PUMPkin)
  • 2008- NIH, permanent member of the BBM study section

2.      Conferences

  • 2007 Organizer, Western Photosynthesis Conference

3.      Instruction and Academic service

  • 2004-2008 Chair of the Graduate Program, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 2005- Member of the Academic senate
  • 2009- Co-Chair of the graduate admission committee


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