Anne Jones

Principal Investigator

As a Principal Investigator Assistant Professor Anne Jones contributes in research of Subtasks 1 and 3. Her major efforts are directed towards developing artificial, hydrogen-producing catalysts and functionally connecting them to electrode surfaces. In the Jones group, synthetic chemistry has been developed to incorporate [FeFe] and [NiM] (for M= Ru, Fe, W) metallocenters into designed peptides. These metallocenters are related to the active sites of hydrogenases. Work during the first six months has involved exploring the range of metals and organometallic fragments that can be incorporated into a model peptide framework. (Spectro)electrochemical characterization of these complexes is also underway to understand the thermodynamic constraints of these biomimetic catalysts and hydrogen production. This is also linked to participation in Subtask 1: systems analysis for establishing the requirements for connecting distinct modules in the solar-hydrogen system. In the immediate future, the ability of these constructs to bind, cleave and produce hydrogen will be explored as well as modifications to the protein architecture to control metal solvent accessibility and proton transport. In parallel, the Jones group has been developing strategies to tether functional proteins/peptides to solid electrode surfaces especially indium tin oxide, antimony tin oxide, gold and porous carbon. These techniques will be used to anchor the catalysts constructed in Subtask 3 to the electrode materials developed in Subtask 5.

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