Prestigious Argentine Prize to Professor Ana Moore

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina has awarded Professor Ana Moore a prestigious and special prize for international cooperation in science. This is recognition of her work through the years participating with Argentine colleagues to move Argentine and USA chemical science forward. A dedicated scientist and teacher, Ana is strongly convinced that science is a common language among societies that offers a pathway to deeper understanding and peace.  

In our Center Ana Moore is a leader of Subtask 4, working on design and synthesis of artificial reaction centers and antennas, a field where Ana is internationally recognized as a frontrunner.  As a member of the Center executive committee she is actively involved in the Center programs and scientific progress and direction. She leads the Center efforts to enhance participation by minority groups and scientific collaborations with Latin-American Universities (Argentina/Brazil/México).

A letter from Mr. Agueda Menvielle, National Director of International Relations of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina states that the Award recognizes Argentine personalities living abroad who have promoted the strengthening linkage of science and technology of Argentina. Dr. Ana Moore will attend an official investiture ceremony on November 23 in Buenos Aires where the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina, Dr. Lino Barañao, will present the award.

Bisfuel Center congratulates Professor Ana Moore on her excellent achievement.

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