Ana Moore

Principal Investigator
Subtask 4 Leader
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Regents' Professor Ana Moore is a member of the Executive Committee of the EFRC and consults monthly with the Director and the other 4 members of the committee in matters of organization of the Center programs and scientific progress and direction. She leads the Center efforts to enhance participation by minority groups and scientific collaborations with Latin-American Universities (Argentina/México). Ana is the leader of Subtask 4 "Artificial reaction center-antenna complex". She directs the work of graduate students and postdocs working on this Subtask. Subtask 4 deals with the design and synthesis of artificial reaction center and antennas. The work is largely focused on the synthesis of cyclic tetrapyrroles with high oxidation potential and absorption of light at relatively short wavelengths. These compounds will be included in artificial reaction centers especially designed to carry out water oxidation. Other cyclic tetrapyrrolic chromophores with lower oxidation potential and extended absorption into the near IR are also being synthesized. They will be incorporated into reaction centers that generate sufficient reduction potential to carry out the reduction of protons to molecular hydrogen.


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