Charge Transport within a Three-Dimensional DNA Nanostructure Framework

Authors: Lu, N., Pei, H., Ge, Z., Simmons, C.R., Yan, H., and Fan, C.
Title: Charge Transport within a Three-Dimensional DNA Nanostructure Framework
Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Year: 2012
Volume: 134
Pages: 13148−13151


Three-dimensional (3D) DNA nanostructures have shown great promise for various applications including molecular sensing and therapeutics. Here we report kinetic studies of DNA-mediated charge transport (CT) within a 3D DNA nanostructure framework. A tetrahedral DNA nanostructure was used to investigate the through-duplex and through-space CT of small redox molecules (methylene blue (MB) and ferrocene (Fc)) that were bound to specific positions above the surface of the gold electrode. CT rate measurements provide unambiguous evidence that the intercalative MB probe undergoes efficient mediated CT over longer distances along the duplex, whereas the nonintercalative Fc probe tunnels electrons through the space. This study sheds new light on DNA-based molecular electronics and on designing highperformance biosensor devices.

Date of online publication: Wed, 2012-07-18
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