Realizing artificial photosynthesis

Authors: Gust, D., Moore, T. A., Moore, A. L.
Title: Realizing artificial photosynthesis
Source: Faraday Discussions
Year: 2012
Volume: 155
Pages: 9 - 26


Artificial photosynthesis comprises the design of systems for converting solar energy into useful forms based on the fundamental science underlying natural photosynthesis. There are many approaches to this problem. In this report, the emphasis is on molecule-based systems for photochemical production of fuels using sunlight. A few examples of typical components of artificial photosynthetic systems including antennas, reaction centres, catalysts for fuel production and water oxidation, and units for photoprotection and photoregulation are presented in order to illustrate the current state of the field and point out challenges yet to be fully addressed.

Date of online publication: Wed, 2011-09-14
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